lauantai 3. syyskuuta 2022

PÄIVÄ ULKONA osa 2 day out


                          Olimme ulkona koko päivän. Saaliiksi miehet saivat ahvenia. 

Täällä meillä oli tänään aamulla +1°C lämmintä! Nyt lämpöasteita on +12°C. 

PS. Isäntä on nähnyt kahtena aamuna ilveksen!!  Tänään ilves oli täällä kylällä.

13 kommenttia:

  1. Dearest Anne,
    Wow, what a beautiful nature that is.
    LOVE the wooden board walk and bridge.
    That is impressive for having seen a lynx for two mornings and even within the village...

    1. It would be nice to see the lynx myself. I don't know what brought the dead rat to our yard. Would the lynx have been involved. A lynx had been seen chasing rats somewhere near an industrial hall. A few weeks ago I was painting the greenhouse when I heard a growl coming from between our hedge and the peepers. It started to scare me and I asked my husband to see what was there. We didn't see anything. I thought some neighbor had let the dog loose again. But then it could have already been a lynx that has been hiding in the bushes.

  2. All these shots are wonderful, Anne. Your weather has become cold so quickly. It is going to be +30˚C here today.

  3. Me encanta estas imágenes. Son muy bellos los paisajes.

  4. Hei Anne. Todella kauniita kohtauksia olet ottanut.

  5. Looks like a wonderful place to visit. I wish I had been there with you!