sunnuntai 24. toukokuuta 2020

JOS JA JOS! if and if

Jos isä olisi saanut elää, hän olisi täyttänyt 86 vuotta. Jos äiti ei olisi menehtynyt syöpään, hän olisi ollut 80 vuotias tänä vuonna.

Jos minun pappa olisi elossa, hän olisi 114 vuotias, ja mummo 109 vuotias!

Jos tuntematon toinen isoisä, ei olisi kuollut sodassa, hän olisi tänä vuonna 104 vuotias. Jos minun toinen mummo olisi elossa, hänen ikänsä olisi tänä vuonna 103 vuotta.

Kaikki he ovat edelleen elävinä muistoissa, ja joskus unissa.

Tuntematon isoisä on vain vanha valokuva. Kiehtovaa on ollut kuitenkin etsiä sen puolen sukua.

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  1. Dearest Anne,
    Yes, they ALL live on in our hearts and so often we can feel their presence! It is just the unknown for us yet where in the end our souls will go... No doubt we will meet them!
    Big hugs and enjoy your Birthday treat in memory of your Dad and all forefathers and kins for that matter.
    Big hugs,

    1. Do you ever see dreams, from people who are already gone? I see. Those dreams are so real.

    2. Yes they are! We dream what is in our heart and in our thoughts... Hoping that later somebody will dream about us! 😊

  2. Hoi Anne.

    Dat ziet er lekker uit.

    Groettie van Patricia.

  3. Vastaukset
    1. Wow! Really respectable age! Have you asked him about past times, and people? Annoying when I didn’t ask my parents in time about relatives I’ve lived with before.

  4. Dear Anne!
    I agree with you. Our parents and grandparents live in memories and in dreams.
    A beautiful spring week:)

    1. Thank you very much Lucja-Maria! Have a nice new week too;-)

  5. oh so nice a cake, thank you for remembering and celebrating those who are no longer here
    Also the unknown child father!
    It's amazing what we have in our luggage isn't true
    Thanks for sharing! I got really hungry for cake now nam nam

  6. Ahora viven en tus recuerdos. Siempre se echan de menos los seres queidos que ya fallecieron.


  7. Nunca verdadeiramente morre, quem a gente traz no nosso coração!
    Só se morre verdadeiramente pelo esquecimento!...
    Lindo o bolo... e a forma como comemorou, com os que não podem estar presentes fisicamente... mas que de certo, estarão... por perto!... Eu gosto de pensar assim... que os nossos anjos da guarda, nunca andam muito longe, de nós...
    Beijinhos, Anne! Bom final de domingo! Estimando que se encontre bem, assim como todos os seus!

  8. Always remember. What a nice cake.

  9. Oh, that looks so Yummy. It's nice to see photos of the home now and then. I wish I had a piece of this scrumptious pie to go with my coffee right now. ; )